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Message Subject 27/03/2012 - representatives from aquila, arcturus, cygnus, and sirius will officially form an alliance with earth and her people
Poster Handle xen
Post Content
So op exactly when did all these great things happen on earth to make the top 4 sign.
 Quoting: Dubious 1150970

has been an ongoing battle for many years but the change is in essence cyclical. although we were millimeters away from not embracing it. the deciding factor was unconditional love and compassion which tipped the scales in 2010. forgot to mention that the threshold wasn't reached til 2011 but the wheel was in motion in 2010

So 36 persons we don't know and didn't vote for, will decide the future for 7 billion humans?

Sounds like changing one secret cabal for the other one.

Do you have any tangible proof this would be a good thing?
 Quoting: -=uVo=-

the voice of every spirit on earth will be heard and decide the direction of any decisions that influence the whole. just because many people are unable to consciously vote does not mean they did not vote. the agenda is outlined in the 1st post and it speaks for itself. the way forwards will be decided together

only you can prove this for now, how you do this only you can say. ask yourself
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