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Message Subject HMM LAST NIGHTS SHOW ON C2C-LISTEN HERE FREE-INTERESTING-Katherine Albrecht, consumer privacy expert SAYS-Google is using our personal informatio
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yeah, the Google stuff is creepy. It's really annoying too. They are already doing that. If you have access to other people's computers (like in your family) you can go to You Tube and find out what they've been watching by what recommendations come up.

I hate the way they pick up keywords in an email and put ads on the side that match them. Like someone uses the word divorce in an email (talking about a movie plot) and then I start getting ads for divorce lawyers. Now with the new policy where email, google and YouTube get mixed up that means I could be getting that stuff on all three. Who's to say what kind of trouble something like that could get you into at work, at home or ???

What is really annoying is when this message pops up and says you might want to include these other people in your email. Really? I think I'm capable of deciding who I want to send the email to without their help- it's usually someone who is the last person I'd want to send a copy of it to. It's creepy because it's like they're saying we know who your friends are.

It bugs me that they keep track of subjects you google because I google all kinds of things. Like I see something on here I don't understand and I look it up.Can't you imagine some crazy world someday where you get interrogated for why you googled a certain subject and you're going uh, IDK, I saw it on glp, please don't kill me LOL It's like the thought police want to know everything thought we have and everything we do.

I guess the only solution is to stop using email as a form of letter writing to keep in touch with people and only use it for short messages and for business. Plus, I hate to see the day I have to stop posting on glp, cause we all know nobody is really anonymous. That's why I already try to avoid politics or anything personal in my posts because the way the world is going you don't know what innocent things you say today could get you in trouble in the future.
Okay, now I've been pegged as paranoid. Aaarrrgghhh!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1145382

Very tru and as u said "creepy" and I also think that someone somewhere is reading txt people send/rec on their cell phones and I have heard that the cops can monitor these txt tween cell phones so I dunno but sounds very possible
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