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Message Subject Conciousness, filters and the eschatological age
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So often people like to tell you their bent and reasoning on the eschaton, only to rehydrate the dominant mythologies.

Mythologies or their current surviving offspring, Religion, like to dictate archetypal boxes for thought and often obscure fact for self fulfilling theories.

The more grandiose and explosive these theories seem to be, the more acolytes that seem to be mesmerized by them.

Currently, we are hurtling toward a supposed galactic Syzygy with the galactic ecliptic lining up with the consequent yearly alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Through the works of Herodotus, we are informed that the year 3114 which harboured a Venus transit of the Sun was a deluge year with major flooding of the Nile delta and a grave inundation of the surrounding civilizations.

Venus' transits are not that uncommonplace. They are observable in 8 year tandems on an oscilliating 110 and 121 year cycles.

The reason that the tidal inundations of 3114 are of a twofold significance are that they correlate not only with larger Judeo-Christian stories, but with the Lunar tables of the Meso Americans and it's long count calendar.

The exponentializing tun cycles and the final 260 day Tzolkin element seem to come to an end, depending on source, to either the 28th of October 2012 or the yearly syzygy of Dec 21 with the added galactic element coming into Play.

The difficult aspect, in modern day terms, is there is no accord as to what the set definition of galactic ecliptic is or entails specifically.

The mother void and image of such evokes images of calm serenity. However, if the galaxy is as it's planetary bodies of dipole charge; What is the larger suggestion.

Are we to be inundated with a wave of neutral, slowing planetary bodies with its lengthening waveforms, muting colours and tone. Perhaps, Being the impetus of pressure which sets the Sun on a cascade while diminishing the Earths magnetic protections?

Is there a possibility that a Judeo-Christian revealing will occur; transcendentalizing all thoughtform on the planet by the sheer electrical potential or deductance.

The possibilities are as endless as our conciousness allows and perhaps this time of collective concentration on these potentials is the sole defining change which will arise.

 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

Hindsight will reveal all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7111119

Not if a monumental enough shift in conciousness occurs.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

You know what that statement reminds me of, Dionysian?

It reminds me of the way we 'lose' our past. I 'forgot' how miserable I have been most of my life. That is purely an observational statement. I was going through some difficult acclimation to information over the last few years, and normal life and other-worldy life and non-material life all converged into a definitive span of time, I thought that I had never felt 'miserable' before. But, IT IS ALL RELATIVE. And, with that relativity, comes taking things for granted. Looking back on my life, I would say that I had never been closer to the abyss. Then, reading back through old journals and such, I realized that I had that particular pain all my life.

It was as if I had 'forgotten' that I had this particular 'pain' all my life, it had just taken on different forms...different manifestations. And since they were different in form, my conscious mind told me that the pain didn't exist in many parts of my past. But there it was upon close inspection, just wearing different masks!

Hindsight was hidden. Learned from, but hidden none-the-less.
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