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Message Subject Conciousness, filters and the eschatological age
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Create mind beyond it. As always, potentials and possibilities as we need.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

So what you're essentially saying, is that mankind created the afterlife and all the possibilities therein? This will require further digestion, but this realization is not outside the realm of acceptance.
 Quoting: ToadMaster

No, We're not the creators. We are the re-creators trying to find our path(s) home. We have been given all the tools, may our creator be an active or passive intelligence we have laws to point us in the right direction.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5856285

Interesting thread thus far...just getting into it. But, wanted to comment on us NOT being the creators.

Not sure what is meant there, but I have to disagree and say that we ARE creators. We are also re-creators, if you want to look at it that way.

For instance...Hermetics teaches that ALL is mind. That we were 'created' in the thoughts of the Great Creator (GC)

We DO create from nothing...how?

Through our thoughts as well.

We created new and exciting ideas, thoughts and beliefs, perceptions....No one has exactly the same.

We sift through this dimension of 'contrast' (contrast meaning anything 'other' than where we originally started)

Through experience here, we literally think new idea's and thoughts into existence, and then proceed to use the materials already in place to bring those creations/thoughts into existence in this plane of existence.

You create every moment. You created your own idea's and beliefs based upon your interactions within this time/space.

Infinite cannot be without movement, or else it would be stagnant. Infinite infers constant movement, constant expansion, constant interaction between infinite Source, and the contrast of living in a situation where it's less than Source.

The difference between the two creates infinite 'newness'

Sorry if this is way off to the thread...just wanted to comment.
 Quoting: Magnison

New or novel is more about a place in time or point in space.

Space itself merits many conditions simultaneously and explores itself while we explore that which catches our eye.

A multi nodal perspective.
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