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Message Subject Aliens and Fallen Angels explained
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The only truth that matters is good vs evil. No matter what the excuse for the action, either you produce good things or bad things, period.

The Bible tells us that satan wishes to sit on the highest throne. If you kill in god's name you are following evil, if you love in God's name you are following Jesus and the Father.

Don't get so caught up in the details for everything material is a lie. Need proof? Your body will die.

Follow Jesus and his example of love. Put your faith in the one true God. No matter what name your culture may call him by.

 Quoting: SightCollective

Your thoughts keep you on the polarity path... A path, that neither so-called evil or so-called good can win...

The bible is a path, that will trap you in the game, as intended...

Everything physical eventually dies - it is the way of the galaxy...The real you however, can never die... You need to progress and eventually graduate from the galaxy...

Religion and defering to external dieties is counter to progression...
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