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Message Subject Children of El- Shaddai, Followers of Yahushua Ha Mashiac; Listen to the WORD from the LORD!! Turn thou 'belief' into 'knowing'!
Poster Handle Prodigal Genius
Post Content

We are not here to passively "believe".

We are the LORD'S agents, and are anointed to
bear witness to our "knowing" , and to perform
as our LORD would wish .
 Quoting: Torchbearer

Exactly! And if you read Matthew chapter 10 you will see that Yahushua Ha Mashiac gave US, His disciples POWER to cast out impure spirits and to heal ALL sickness and ALL disease. We are not just annointed to point out spirits which bind others nor are we annointed to merely pray for someone and wish them well but we must KNOW that this power we have been entrusted with is REAL and we must act ON FAITH to USE that power as the Lord mandated us to. :) God bless you!
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