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Message Subject MARDI GRAS, the Alignment of February 21st, THE FOOL, THE NOBODY, THE ANTAGONIST WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So the question is Mr. Illuminaughty, have you and your friends located this fool yet, the one you call the Nobody? The nobody they call the One? Would you know him if you saw him walking down the street? Would you blow your horn or simply pass on by. And his name, do you know his name yet? Her name is Ava, Ava von Gott, and yes she is quite beautiful. Do you know of his accomplishments? How about his failures. I hear there have been many of each. Were you aware that he can move through your deck in the same manner he can move through the Book? Would you know it Mr. Illuminaughty if he were to write you? Would you know it?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10252027

Hello MJ,

I think not. Hes probaly blending in now . Maybe he doesnt fully even realize his role yet.

If we found him or not. That would be private info and protected.

Ava is a beautiful name !

Who is this magician that can travel thru the realms? I can vision quest, But I still cant go where i want to in the Astral. Im more grounded here.

Perhaps its a Woman?
Anyway, thanku for posting the knowledge you reveal here, I learn.
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