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Message Subject MARDI GRAS, the Alignment of February 21st, THE FOOL, THE NOBODY, THE ANTAGONIST WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD....
Poster Handle ash ye ash ye
Post Content
The Purifier, the Red Kachina...sounds like a brown dwarf with electrical conductivity to the sun to me... hmm
 Quoting: SickScent

I believe it is symbolic.

Betelgeuse--->Orion--->Purifier--->Male counterpart of Alchemical Marriage--->God as Man

Sirius--->ISIS--->Blue Kachina--->feminine--->Female aspect of alchemical marriage--->New Eden.

This is where I am at currently with my understanding of the texts.

Fool--->green man--->Osiris.
Dog Star--->Isis--->the light bearer.


 Quoting: Seer777

Seer, excellent chart ! Ill be contemplating this, I really am admiring this, Your knowledge is really impressive. And you are correct, Sirius really is the Isis star, Remember Jezebel was thrown to the dogs? Some say the Goddess was slandered and replaced by a dog when its supposed to be a woman who is mans best friend.

Very good point. I doubt it is because she resembled a dog.
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