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Message Subject MARDI GRAS, the Alignment of February 21st, THE FOOL, THE NOBODY, THE ANTAGONIST WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i have orions belt across my face in scars, a hole in my right crushed foot constant leaking like the river of judgement and aligned with the scars below them is kin to the nebula as teeth missing that were knocked out of my face in my youth.

Sadly it would seem something has taken to using some kind of manipulation against myself and trying to get me to believe daily it wants me to take the place of others in my family etc so that it may force a delusion of reincarnation amongst others to justify some kind of choice made by another that was wrong. Quite often now it's as iff teaching something about the things I write down which will often appear in the clouds days later.

Months and months ago I was writting down drawings and such just using my imagination then months later went to a book store and saw many fo the things I had drawn and written appear in the books. Now it's as if something is really ticked at me and just using me to do something and apparently replace me because I started just knowing things and noticed that my foot being crushed years way back

all appears to be as part of some kind of forseen scripted life and a lot of people knew the events of my long before they happened and apparently somethign is going out of it's way to force me back into a life of hating these north american lands because I see their sick mutilation game mapped about the earth or atleast how they show it on maps and something is hell bent on making me laugh at some of this ridiculous stuff while apparently a person I was supposed to meet according to something out there has been defiled by others.

The sick crap I've been through in the past and now watching as when I start sketching things out or writing it's ilke getting the attention of something that irritates the hell out of me. Like yesterday writing things about people and then listening how later that night people letting me know in some way they can see what i write or hear my thoughts and then mimic it all. It's truly sickening to see how this is all happening.

The world is an extremely disturbing place and it would appear north america and much of this world is trying to hide that this place is an extremely evil planet and something can heavily influence your actions when it doesn't like you. Right down to creep songs like "you put your right foot in and take your right foot shake it all about... are seemingly in a creepish way aligned in my horrific scripted life to my right foot be crushed in rollers.

This world is totally messeed up and seeing this crap and something messign with me is just unfriggin real. It's creepy having these wacked out demonic canadians sit around with their noses in the air acting like some great brave nation when they do and allow something like to happen to someone and do NOTHING but watch as a persons life is totally destroyed and them pushed back into hating humanity which anyone would after living this damned life. it's friggin horrid. Right down to toys, posters, and thigns I've been given or collected through out life are all seemingly part of some wacked out game b somethign with technology or whatever to manipulate my and constantly go off on some kind of "you're rejecting her" in some way and so you must be a homo or bisexual because that's what some "new in your place" freakshow being wants. It's friggin disturbing to say the least.

To watch this wacked out stuff happen and everythign that's happened and apparently I was or something wants me to believe I was replaced by someone else because I don't like to have fun etc... Try living this nightmare life and seeing this stuff and learnging why life has been so horrible. ANd this new seeing checkers when I close my eyes tight instead of viens... whatever the hell you all did to me you are truly screwed in the head. Who would want to have fun and be happy in a land of mutilation and mental torture from a bunch fo the most demonic friggin life forms to probably ever exist.

THe human race is fuckign evil and now I seee that something out there is extremely evil, has control of this wacked otu reality and really wants to finish me off and make me out to have always been as a robot/tin man... it's friggin disgusting.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 133122

Here, let me help you. I did this for you breaking it down into paragraphs and will read it now. Thanks for your story, Hang in there !

The Human race will be perfected. No worries !
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