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Message Subject MARDI GRAS, the Alignment of February 21st, THE FOOL, THE NOBODY, THE ANTAGONIST WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD....
Poster Handle Missioninvisible
Post Content
if the prophet is prisoned in the whale, and the whale is the fool, then what is the prophet ? but can the prophet be seen without the perception the whale brings ? and if it is not possible, will the fish look like a curse, when what is inside is a blessing ?
even if it is the sign, a sign can bring hope as it is intended to do, but brings with it the light of the night. Michael, the moon, the child, and its mirrors always brought hope and curse. but how can someone who wants to bring hope, someone who only wants to bring love be beaten into bringing a percepetion of something that scares to some.

has a fool anymore to do then erase the last option ? still stay honest to its intention of love and suffer a perceptions fate.
 Quoting: anom 10575419

Hello ! As the one was in the belly of the whale three days and nights, so the coming of the Son of Man will be

We will all go thru our dark night , my friend

The Prophets will suffer first and get it over with

Those who havent yet will collectively go thru the darkest night the world has ever known.

It will be the war to end all wars. But we will come out of it purified.

The prophets probably already have a major shift going on in their bodies (on a mental and physical level)...thus increasing their connectedness with source energy (DNA activation- yet not at the level of the "nobody" and "woman of scars")...these people will help testify of the changes going on among the masses.

They (the prophets) believe the other two because they can feel the vibrations increasing in their bodies as well (as lighbody/Christ-consciousness), as their connectedness to source increases (to help restore balance). Mental anxiety and confusion can cause much stress for these people as they might not understand they are some of the chosen few to help show the rest the way to light.

DNA activation and "memory" recall will start to happen....these changes/upheavals of energies from the past can be completely unnerving. Chemicals are released in the brain at higher levels than in the past, genes dormant for centuries "switch" on (the other 90% of our so call junk DNA) reality becomes sometimes trippy, physical pain and sometimes unexplainable emotions start to show up in the masses.

The valley of the shadow of death could possibly be the loss of ego and emotional upheaval that come with enlightenment. More and more people are searching for the truth...its time for all to be set free, and balance to be restored :)
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