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The perfect storm, schorched moon and the winter solstice.

Xibalbá be
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02/09/2012 10:36 AM
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The perfect storm, schorched moon and the winter solstice.
Okay... this is only a theory, but i wish to hear what people with adequate knowledge in the field of physics think of this.

No speculative guesses please... this isn't a zombie thread.

I will try to sum it up the best i can.

Question number one, why is the far side of the moon white with no scorched areas as opposed to the side that we can all see?

The moon always faces towards us with the same side, so the biggest destruction on the moon... has happened from towards OUR planet.

Every 150k years there is a major fall in temperature.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

What is the cause for this?

There are mini ice ages, such as the one that happened around 25 thousand years ago, 11 thousand years ago the ice in the northern hemisphere began to melt.

But the major one's which are actually called Glacial periods, the last of which happened around 110 thousand years ago.

Our planet is far from what most people believe it to be. With our maximum of 100 years lifetime, there's no wonder people can't comprehend the hundred thousand year cycles which the planet goes through in its process of aging.

The point is this... change is constant, it is illogical to assume that everything would ever stay the same, just like the recent upheaval in stormy weather isn't anything to blame on ourselves or some stupidly idiotic doom and gloom prophecies.

It was only 10 000 years ago when most of northern europe was competely covered by ice...

Shifts as big as that DO happen.

Now i would like to direct your attention to the way cold and heat react.

Lets take the tornado as an example:

When hot and cold fronts, warm, moist areas near the surface and cool, dry air at high altitude meet, certain processes begin happening.

The basic principle is this.

Hot air inside the tornado, cold on the outside, the actual inner mechanism of a tornado we never see, but on the outside are the colder particles, water droplets and debris that get spun around, they cool down, but the inner part, the heat has nowhere to escape but towards the sky, so a vortex is created.

EDIT:When the warm air carrying the moisture up the storm starts to become more dominant than the cold air causing the down draft which pushes the moisture out of the clouds then a tornado is formed.

Now apply this in a global scale...

During the perihelion(when the planet is closest to the sun) and during the winter solstice (when the north pole is furthest from the sun, if these dates coincide, the possibility for a perfect storm arises.

Right now our winter solstice is in the 21st of december and the perihelion during 5th of january, which is pretty close actually.

Over thousands of years these two dates get further and further from each other, right now we are pretty much as close to them being close to each other as it can be.

n about 5,000 years, perihelion will closely coincide not with the winter solstice, but the March equinox. In about 10,000 years, perihelion will coincide with the June solstice, and in just over 15,000-years it will coincide with the September equinox. Finally, about 21,000 years from now, everything will return to where it is now: perihelion will again be closely aligned with the December solstice.

When the perihelion and the winter solstice coincide, the northern pole is the furthest from the sun, while the south pole is closest to the sun. Now if we add the perihelion into the equation, it means the south pole is not only closer to the sun than the north pole, it will also be when the planet is at it's closest point to the sun, so the south pole will be also at it's closest point to the sun.

Now, in 1982 there were 3 cyclones that were very far from each other, but when one storm became stronger, so did the other 2.

They amplified each others power...

The higher the energies become, the smaller the storms will be, BUT they will cover much wider areas.

This is why you see rain, drought, snow in places where you shouldn't. Because as the energy increases, the wavelength gets smaller and the storms become smaller, but over larger areas.

Now i am FAR from technically explaining this in full detail, but whoever understands physics should get the point.

Now, every year during winter solstice and perihelion, the energies increase, consider the period from winter solstice to perihelion as if the planet gets charged up with these energies, resulting in greater storms every year.

But eventually, when critical mass is reached, when the winter solstice and perihelion coincide, the same physics will come into play such as the ones in a tornado.

The heat generated at the south pole will have nowhere to go except the north pole, which at that point will not only be the coldest area, but also the DARKEST area, darkness absorbs heat much better.

The north pole will become the discharging point of the energies that accumulate in the south pole.

This may or may not be something that happens overnight, but the energies would eventually rush to the north pole at such intensity, that the electron flow will create an electric arc between the earth and the moon, which is why we only see scorches on THIS side of the moon.

Mammoths dug up have been found with their intestines frozen as the food wasnt even digested yet, this implies instant freezing.

When the atmospheric pressure becomes so high, that the heat rushing towards the north pole will have nowhere to escape, oxygen in the norther atmosphere will become liquid and begin raining down, freezing anything it comes into contact, INSTANTLY. Thus the planet's two hemisphere's will become as such, COLD in the north and HOT in the south, the safest place to be will be the equator.

This is why during the last ice ages, only the northern pole was covered in ice, not the south, because the south pole will be experiencing the opposite reaction from all of this.

The surface of the moon consists of 21% silicon and 8% iron, now the produce silicon you must have high temperature. An arc flying from the earth to the moon would be perfect for doing this.

Don't take my word for it, this stuff is a LOT more complicated to explain, but i would like to hear some thoughts?

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