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Message Subject Religion- The most POTENT mind-control tool employed by TPTB/the Elite to control the sheeple throughout the ages !
Poster Handle Evan03
Post Content
I think no better form of mind control exists ! TPTB have used it well to control the sheeple & keep us ignorant.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4851337

I have to disagree. TPTB don't like the people putting faith into God. If we get God given rights....then the government has competition. They are slowly trying to phase out God, so they will be seen as the ultimate giver and taker of human rights.

Plus they are obsessed with eugenics, and "playing God". If they love using religion then why is religion always under attack by the state? More so in the last 5-10 years than ever before.

Where do TPTB indoctrinate children? Public schools right? What do they teach in public schools regarding creation and the start of the universe? Not religion that's for sure.

There is no doubt that they try and use these institutions....that they try and put people in high places of the catholic church and etc... but ultimately they don't want the sheeple having faith in anything or anyone but the State.
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