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Message Subject Did anyone of you ever really knew a freemason personally? I did...
Poster Handle Veri Masonic illumine
Post Content
All roads lead to Rome, except the road Jesus took.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10653960

Jesus Christ is an ascended master, who tried to show people the good way to life.

His teachings are informative and correct.

Unfortunately, he never wanted to be worshipped like he is.

It is through HIS TEACHINGS you can find the Father. (God)

The Supreme Architect of the Universe.

Not the creator of modern homo sapien.
 Quoting: Veri Masonic illumine

syncretist BS.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10653960

If you cared to actually study the only untampered with stories of history, you would come to know this as fact.

The bible, while correct in some aspects, is for the most part a heavily edited and censored peice of written history.

The Book of Enoch for example. Not included in the KJV, but has to be considered one of the most important books of all the bible.
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