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QUESTION FOR NIBIRUTARDS: If Nibiru is told to approach Earth each 3,600 years, WHY there's ONLY ONE historic account of a global cataclysm??

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02/15/2012 01:29 PM
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QUESTION FOR NIBIRUTARDS: If Nibiru is told to approach Earth each 3,600 years, WHY there's ONLY ONE historic account of a global cataclysm??
Don't take me wrong when I said "Nibirutards"! I do believe it actually does exist, thought I still not sure if couldn't be a massive planet-sized space station, instead of a rogue planet, brown dwarf mini-system or so. I say it because there's at least ONE verse in the ENUMA ELISH, suggesting that NIBIRU is an artificial object:


He (Marduk) made the stations for the great gods;
The stars, their images, as the stars of the Zodiac, he fixed.
He ordained the year and into sections he divided it;
For the twelve months he fixed three stars.
After he had ... the days of the year ... images,
He founded the station of Nibir [the planet Jupiter] to determine their bounds;
That none might err or go astray,
He set the station of Bel and Ea along with him.
 Quoting: [link to www.sacred-texts.com]

The mainstream scholars claim that Nibiru is nothing but the planet Jupiter, but obviously the verses of ENUMA ELISH are pretty intriguing to say the least. Anyway, regardless if it's a brown-dwarf, rogue planet or whatever, when I say "Nibirutards", I'm referring to those people who NEVER read a single paper of any book written by Sitchin, NEVER heard of Nibiru BEFORE the existence of YOUTUBE, and know shit about astronomy. The fact is that 80% of the Nibiru believers is formed by people who jumped in the bandwagon only because of this shitload of "two-sun" videos on YT. These people are in the automatic-pilot with the panic-mode turned on.

As a matter of fact, Nibiru became so popular in the modern culture, due to Zecharia Sitchin and nobody else. And according to his translations, Nibiru and the whole alignment-cataclysm thing was told to Sumerians, directly by the ANUNNAKI.

So I ask: If is told that Nibiru approaches and aligns with Earth each 3,600 years, and it's supposed to trigger planetary cataclysms, WHY there's ONLY ONE HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of a major planetary disaster, which is the biblical flood, that most likely was a mega-tsunami caused by a mega-quake that sank Atlantis and Lemuria just in a couple of days???

Is there any other historic register of something similar?? I don't think so!

Any chance of the whole alignment-cataclysm-each-3,600-years thing be a HUGE ANCIENT PSY-OP taught to scare the shit out of men across the centuries??


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