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Syria expelled the rat-Ambassadors of Libya & Tunisia

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02/17/2012 07:01 PM
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Syria expelled the rat-Ambassadors of Libya & Tunisia
Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad has expelled the ambassadors of Libya and Tunisia, giving them 72- hour deadline to leave the country.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi, said that at the same time the Syrian embassy in Qatar was shut down, and Syrian ambassadors in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have also been expelled.

The new Tunisia, so called “democratic”, but in reality a Nato-puppet government, was the first Arab country to announce the decision to expel Syria’s ambassador, while Libya’s foreign ministry of the rat-NTC announced its decision to expel Syria’s charge d’affaires and his staff, adding that it expects all Syrian diplomats to leave the country within the next 72 hours.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have also decided to withdraw their ambassadors in Syria.

Well, good for Syria, to have less rats around. All the puppets of the micro petrol monarchical nations, created a table from the Anglo-Franco-American powers, will face, one day not too far away, the Supreme Judgment for their treason and complicity with the enemies of the Arab peoples and of the whole world.

Greetings truth seekers,
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