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Dreamliner jet “draws” Boeing logo across North America

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United States
02/19/2012 01:06 PM
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Dreamliner jet “draws” Boeing logo across North America
A Boeing 787 jet took corporate loyalty to new heights when it "drew" the letters "787" followed by the company's logo across several thousand miles of North American skies. The etching of the letters and logo, while not visible from the ground, can be seen in the flight path plans.

"Boeing's 19 hour test flight of the 787 Dreamliner was a great opportunity to test the limits of the 787, FlightAware's flight tracking, and the FAA's flight plan system," FlightAware Chief Executive Officer Daniel Baker tells Yahoo News. "It was the longest domestic flight we've ever handled and it required three FAA flight plans to accomplish, not to mention dozens of people coordinating the flight overnight."

FlightAware, which provides live flight tracking, coordinated with Boeing on delivering the unusual and spectacular images.

more plus pic.... [link to news.yahoo.com]