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Message Subject Afghanistan is a white country. Afghan people are white.
Poster Handle M
Post Content
And? They are still just as ignorant as you are...face those facts. Look around you champ...there aint no master race and you my good sir are far away from being masterful at anything other than perhaps antagonizing people into silly arguments, but even that needs work. Ha ha!

Who cares what color they are, you are simply powerless and afraid so you seek to find comfort in the illusion that somehow the white race is a master race. Yet many of the greatest atrocities in the world have been created by them, what wisdom is that, there is no Mastery in destructive attitudes no matter what your color.

You poor soul...do you believe that magically because you have white skin you are a genius..there genius! Even you would have to laugh at this notion as one need only travel to the local trailer park to see the folly in that lol! Ok so the Afghans are white...but you have been over there killing them off, what does that say about the master race? More importantly what does that say about your personal level of consciousness off awareness...you the genius born from a genius race because of his skin color...posts nonsense for the world to see...LOL! Are you proud? Because I can assure you, there are some very advanced whites who would see you as a big embarrassment....LOL! Ponder that oh master race if killers!! LLLOOOOLLL!!
 Quoting: M 10385503

They are white.

It's just a fact.

What's the problem with facts?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11146425

Again and!!! Who cares they are just as backwards and ignorant as you are! LOL whats the point? You are trying I'm sure in your own feeble way to say that all the hot spots of intelligence have been or are inhabited by whites, yes? And by association those who are non white are somehow inferior to them, this is what you are implying. Period! For all facts are placed there by the disconnected mind to lead to some conclusion. What is your reason for posting this, if not to antagonize others?
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