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"Marshall Vian Summers" ... VS. ... "Eric Julien" // Majestic Top Cosmic Above Secret !!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1402657
New Zealand
02/19/2012 07:59 PM
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"Marshall Vian Summers" ... VS. ... "Eric Julien" // Majestic Top Cosmic Above Secret !!!
"Marshall Vian Summers" ... VS. ... "Eric Julien" // Majestic Top
Cosmic Above Secret !!!

Allies of Humanity ... VS. ... Decide Whether We Should Show Up.

Allies of Humanity wrote books about that info, and it's garbage. Have
you read all of his books ?
... step right up folks, 5 books to save the world. Paperbacks $14.95

"Marshall Vian Summers" wrote many books about OH GET SPIRITUAL !!!

"Eric Julien" wrote just one book about technology that can get us all
off satanic nuke power stations !!!

UFO Debunkers don't rubbish "Marshall Vian Summers",
because certain powers don't want the truth to be followed
as in... the best info... "Decide Whether We Should Show Up".
If people instead follow BS, then nothing happens in our favor.

not supporting the "Decide Whether We Should Show Up" intelligence
That fact that you are both not supporting or even investigating
that intelligence data, is very surprising!

Real MIBs. Men in Black. MIBS are the "Third Party" mentioned in the
intelligence data called ... "Decide Whether We Should Show Up".

Proof........ [link to YouTube.com]


In a nutshell: apparently, there are a number of alien races who have come here to earth in order to take our resources. These aliens live under the earth in caves and are quietly influencing our political leaders and as much of the population as possible in order to easily gain those resources. Meanwhile, there is a group of benevolent wise alien races on the outskirts of our solar system. These guys have (telepathically) sent books and books worth of messages on how to defeat these intervening aliens to this one guy Marshall Vian Summers in Colorado.

But as for "Decide Whether We Should Show Up" ... friends and I have photos of 3 types of blue Area-51 or NSA type vehicles that were around in an area where "Eric Julien" was going to go


[link to projectmothership.isgreat.org]



"Eric Julien" is a better person.

"Decide Whether We Should Show Up" is good solid info.
Any person that has done just a bit of research listening to Lou
Gentile, Art Bell, Kevin Smith, Jeff Rense, would know that !!!

helicopter ufo56 alien7

User ID: 4221691
United States
02/19/2012 08:04 PM

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Re: "Marshall Vian Summers" ... VS. ... "Eric Julien" // Majestic Top Cosmic Above Secret !!!
What are you trying to say?
deplorably republican
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1402657
New Zealand
02/19/2012 08:46 PM
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Re: "Marshall Vian Summers" ... VS. ... "Eric Julien" // Majestic Top Cosmic Above Secret !!!
Eric Julien's Response:

The two links given by Mike Jamieson is the same article
written by the French journalist Marie-Therese de Brosses in
July 2004. This journalist used to write articles in a "people
magazine" she dares to qualify serious. She has written a book
on abductees in 1995 and claimed she had investigated in being
in touch with these abductees. Her article about me has been
published on different websites in France. In reality, in my
case, she has never made any serious investigation, except from
her seat.

I have written an article of 50 pages in November 2004 to
denounce the accusation of plagiarism of Russian scientists from
a mathematics Professor, and to prove the opposite. Many
webmasters have put off the journalist article, except four of
them (including the two links). The serious ufologists have
understood that my demonstration was pretty formal. Three months
later, my critics has recognized publicly his error after having
read my book, "the science of extraterrestrials" (being
translated in English, and already published in French).

We have had, Marie-Therese de Brosses and me, different private
email exchanges. In March 2005, and after a long period of
silence from me, she had firstly accepted to change her article
regarding the accusation of plagiarism of my scientific concepts
coming from my ET contacts once this accusation was denied by
the Professor she has referred to. She has never publicly
recognized her mistake. Why ?

The second part of her article speaks about my disappearance in
March 2004. She refers to the police investigator who has
"discovered" me on the Reunion Island two months later. You have
to know that many information were unknown or avoided by the

1 - The visit card of the official investigator (policeman)
precise: "specialist in: ufology, occult science, amazing
monsters & paranormal phenomena"! (I have his card).

2 - he wanted to be married with my girlfriend during my
disappearance (I have got written evidences of his attempts).
She obvioulsy refused.

3 - he has alerted the police headquarter about my
disappearance, but nobody went to the close encounter
place...except a military division two days after my
disappearance (I have a testimony of this).

4 - I have met several times policemen on the Reunion Island
before the investigation itself without having any relation with
their "questions" regarding an other person.

5 - A military helicopter has overflown my house on the Reunion
Island less than 30 meters above, and then has made a 360=B0 turn
over a future UFO landing area indicated in my computer files.
This helicopter came from a military ship. It never comes (or
very rarely) in Reunion Island.

6 - My Close Encounter (CE4) in the night of my disappearance
has lasted about three hours in physical time, but many days in
higher time density. That is probably why channelers have
received information speaking about a long experience. In
addition, other experiences on the Reunion Island have occured
after this night. As author about abductions, Marie-Therese de
Brosses is supposed to know the existence of the "missing time",
except in her "investigation".

7 - Piloting a space-time craft is not so rare. Most of the
human pilots are children. Their testimonies couldn't be taken

8 - I have had largely the time to take a plane after this
experience (CE4) and to stay on the island.

9 - Marie-Therese de Brosses never speaks about my professionnal
experience in her article (fighter pilot trainee, military air
traffic controler, executive pilot on jets, station manager for
an airliner, airport manager on international airports).

10 - I have never declared that "I wanted not to be discovered
for ever" as she claimed in the article. I was already writing
my book to return to the public arena.

11 - I have asked my girlfriend after my experience and my
travel to the Reunion Island not to go on with the police
investigation due to the trap that I knew she will be the victim
on the radio station. Marie-Therese de Brosses ignored that we,
my girlfriend and me, have had a previous close encounter (CE4)
experience in september 2003, six month before, in the SAME UFO
landing area, close to the house. That is why, she believed me
when I sent her my message!

12 - It is clear that Marie-Therese de Brosses has used well
known journalistic techniques to ridiculize a whole situation
which was complex for many people. Her disinformation act is
obvious for the real investigators.

Eric Julien