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NO "Disclosure"

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User ID: 9312810
United States
02/25/2012 11:03 PM
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NO "Disclosure"
If you're waiting for disclosure you probably won't understand why others call you an idiot. It's not going to happen, and here's why.

The Government that is in cahoots with non-human extraterrestrials or extra-dimensional beings (non-human) are too ashamed to admit to this because it means species-betrayal. If you knew what they've been up to you'd lynch and hang!

Now, there are human ET/ED beings who are more or less against or for humanity. Some have been working against humanity here on Planet Earth.

Believe it or not. Disclosure means one thing: full on invasion by whichever species is presenting themselves that day.

A Positive Disclosure is the last thing to happen. A Negative Disclosure is most likely.

So perhaps there IS disclosure on it's way. But it won't be all sugar and rainbows.

From my sources, should a "Disclosure" occur in these times I'd have only less than 3 days to find myself to the nearest "Stargate". It's go-time, because that means a full INVASION has taken place.

I hope Disclosure never comes. I just simply hope people AWAKEN to the reality around them: Current-Government Directed Disclosure isn't necessary if you're Awake.

Does this make sense?


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User ID: 10562758
United States
02/25/2012 11:27 PM
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Re: NO "Disclosure"
What I read is that the elites will be arrested/removed first, then the ETs will simply disclose themselves and help us with ascension that should occur end of 2012.
1. Mass arrests of elites are ongoing, so don't worry be happy!
2. Banker resignations are in the hundreds and at that rate, victory by May!
3. NESARA, disclosure, ascension are all possible this year, be open minded!
4. Robogirls that look/act human and artificial wombs will burst the misandry bubble and free men!

User ID: 11223926
United States
02/25/2012 11:41 PM
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Re: NO "Disclosure"
Yes it makes total sense. Disclosure will be when they come in mass.
I love physics. It bonds us eternally, it's what makes our computers work, it's what's in my morning cup of coffee, it's the thing that keeps the universe from vanishing due to lack of belief...

User ID: 1344279
02/25/2012 11:48 PM
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Re: NO "Disclosure"
hi XenVal

the full on invasion you speak of already happened many years ago

the traitors of every nation on earth and governments, spy agencies, corporations, reserve banks, secret societies and other consortiums who act and work in collaboration them are guilty of horrendous crimes against humanity, earth and all life forms on it would do anything to keep this secret out of mainstream public information

these invaders will only reveal themselves to those they consider threats to their "house of cards" by trying to kill them, assassinate their characters and/or destroy their lives any way they possibly can

they seek to keep people as products and victims of the "system" based on brainwashing with thought-forms and belief systems full of lies and deceit with foundations sourced form fear programming and paranoia

for me aliens is the wrong word

it is the existence of spirit that must and will become mainstream. for all people to realise their multi-dimensional and divine natures. the biggest weapon against the human species of realising this are these fear and paranoia based thought-forms. we are born with a natural fear of the unknown and it is challenging to overcome at hte best of times. let alone with all of the absolute rubbish we are fed with concerning organised religions and all things mainstream

the conscious realisation of the true nature of human beings gives every human on earth the power to stand up and fight for what's right. to put an end to the mass murder, rape, exploitation of all things on this blue beauty we call earth

thankfully i can confirm with every ounce of my being that the "good guys" are back in charge and times are 'a changin

it is a very delicate process for all of this to filter through as the "good guys" are totally against violence and killing so this is being done with the minimum "side-effects" of violence and killing in terms of regaining the sovereignty of all naitons, people and the planet earth herself

but do not be mistaken, the "good guys" are more than capable of violence and killing when left with no other option by these greed infested "spirits" and the ethic-less humans supporting their terrorism and barbarism