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RPF members uncover possible evidence of election fraud in Romney's favor

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02/29/2012 10:57 AM
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RPF members uncover possible evidence of election fraud in Romney's favor
Mathematical evidence of election fraud in the recent Republican primaries has been discovered by people on ronpaulforums.com:

[link to www.ronpaulforums.com]

[link to docs.google.com (secure)]

The gist of the matter is the following. It seems as if votes are being flipped 1:1 in favor of Romney at the expense of another candidate who is almost always Ron Paul (Gingrich in some cases in South Carolina too).

The mathematical reasoning is as follows. If you order the vote results by precinct size then Paul always does better than Romney in smaller precincts and but this changes in a clean, linear fashion in favor of Romney as the precinct size goes up.

The proability of this happening by pure chance alone is astronomical (thus impossible).

Any imaginary "demographic factor" (because of the precinct size) that might explain this seems also unreasonable because it only affects one candidate positively and only one candidate negatively in a clean, linear fashion (ie without any ups or downs).

This also happens across different states. Rick Santorum, for example, is totally unaffected.

Mathematically, you would expect somethinkg like this to happen:
[link to imgur.com]

But look what really happens:
[link to imgur.com]

[link to imgur.com]

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