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Magma Didnít Destroy Cellular Fossils

Wretch Fossil
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03/01/2012 07:18 AM
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Magma Didnít Destroy Cellular Fossils
Magma temperatures range from 700 to 1,300 degrees C. (Ref. 1). Pottery is produced at 1,000 to 1,400 degrees C. (Ref. 2). Pottery contains numerous fossils of blood vessels and red blood cells (Ref. 3). So, pottery proves cellular fossils were not destroyed by the heat of magma.

Ref. 1: Magma temperature [link to en.wikipedia.org]
Ref. 2: Pottery production temperature [link to en.wikipedia.org]
Ref. 3: cellular fossils found in pottery
[link to www.wretch.cc]
[link to www.wretch.cc]