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Message Subject fUCCKK... SHe DRUGGED ME LAST NIGHT..........
Poster Handle OMNI-TARD
Post Content

I dont know what more to tell you.

I blacket ed the fucjk out and cant rememvber shit.

Im still "drunk". How the hell is that?

I have a habge over and my mind still feels like shits.

Dear god..;
 Quoting: OMNI-TARD

Did you black out and the bar, and just wake up at your house?
 Quoting: SickScent


Thats what scares the shit out of me.

When the memory becomes intermittant, at the point of being in the bar, and you wake up at 8 am not knowing what the hell happedn, and your still drunk, or drugged, you begin to wonder.
 Quoting: OMNI-TARD

Yeah, that's a bad fucking feeling. Anxiety pumping through ya.

Is your car out front? Where are your clothes? Smell your sheets on your bed yet?

Look in the bathroom trashcan, any evidence there?
 Quoting: SickScent

The only hope that I have at this point is that I know I coundtlnt have gotten it up.

If I am this fucked up right now, after the matter, then I know that whatever went on could not have been me fucking here.

There are no wet spots on the sheets, and no marks indeicating such. So Im ok there.

But, she fuckig drugged me.

Thats what is fucked.
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