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Message Subject I don't believe in coincidences
Poster Handle Carol B.
Post Content
My wife just informed me that today is the 9 year anniversary of her temporary paralysis, when she was told she would NEVER walk again... yet she was a perfectly normal kid once again after a couple months.

Do the math folks- this happened on 3/3/03!!!

I knew the story of it and how she overcame it, but I did not know it happened on that date. I'm not a very religious man, but I do believe. I believe this is none other than divine intervention. It is absolutely miraculous and the inspiration I really need to help me through these tough times we are going through. I had an emotional breakdown yesterday morning and was very close to pulling the trigger. If you feel like this, it WILL get better. Life is a beautiful thing and you should treasure every moment you can with those whom you love.

I just thought I'd share this story for those of you who may also be going through tough times.

 Quoting: Oh Tits

God bless you and your wife!!!hf
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