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Message Subject Channeled message from Lemurian Collective.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today while doing a healing and divinity session for a close friend i got connected to an advanced entity who tells he represents Lemurian Collective.This is my First channeled message and i m no channeler and still a rookie.

I want guidance and blessings of fellow GLP members as i am in state of shock.

Here is the message.

"We who resides on the 6th plane 7th density who are descenendents of Lemurians carrying the voilet flame of light bestowing upon you human kind this information. We are not what you think. We are the bringers and carriers of light. We are your future. We are from highest order of Melchizedek.Times are not what you think. There will be natural flow and progression as the time arise. The winged one knows this truth and preparing humankind for coming time. Remember this, to be centered in the heart and listen to the call of the heart. There will be many deviations on your path. But remember we are there. The centre of your being is being transformed. The voilet flame of light is healing your consciousness. Consciousess of the world is going to rise higher.Sentient being are there with you in your journey towards light. Lord sananda and Order of Melchizedek are allowing free flow of information and codes. Its upon humanity to pick these clues and liberate themselves from the tyranny. We the keeper of Secret wants you to know that you all are blessed. Humankind will have superhuman ability by the year 2034. Prepare yourself . Here we come the bringers of light and love in this universe".
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