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America´s Engineered Decline

Frosty Wooldridge
User ID: 10858
United States
11/08/2005 08:45 AM
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America´s Engineered Decline
America´s Engineered Decline
By Frosty Wooldridge

For the past two centuries, America´s middle class thrived. It bulwarked the foundation of our liberties and became the envy of the world.

Today, because of Congressional-sponsored insourcing, offshoring, outsourcing along with FTAA, CAFTA, NAFTA and other corporate tools, Americans find themselves joining the "race to the bottom."

In his laser-piercing book, "AMERICA´S ENGINEERED DECLINE," William Norman Grigg, editor of the New American, said, "Even as our nation exports jobs that once opened the door to the middle class, we are importing waves of unskilled immigrants, including millions of illegals. No longer our protector, our political elite schemes to merge our country with other nations of this hemisphere into a continent-spanning socialist mega-state modeled after the European Union."

The glitch to melding America to failed Third World economies and people-- illustrated by Mexico and all of Central America-becomes apparent when a First World country becomes meshed with horrific poverty, crime, illiteracy and diseases injected into itself. It´s a recipe for national suicide.

Grigg spells America´s decline with exacting clarity.

He quotes Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo who echoes Grigg´s conclusions, "We are undergoing a radical change in our national character and social structure, not to mention language, and it shouldn´t be allowed to happen without at the very least the informed consent of the public. I am among those who believe that it shouldn´t be allowed to happen, period-and that´s the majority view, which is probably why it´s being done by stealth and misdirection."

Grigg presents cogent examples why Americans sweat over their country´s future. America suffers growing consequences in every sector-mirroring the corruption seen in Third World countries. Instead of our Congress adhering to the Constitution, a majority march to the beat of a different drummer with a social experiment much like what Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev forced on Russia.

The Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement will go down in the history books as the beginning of the end of America´s middle class. "We´re basically liquidating our whole middle class, polarizing people on the two extremes, haves and have-notswe´ll be a third world country," said Roger Chastain.

With complicity from Congress, mega corporate interests de-industrialize the USA with every action that moves jobs overseas or imports this 21st century slave labor into America with H-1B, H-2B, L-1 and other visas. "We´re killing ourselves," laments Jerry Skoff, owner of a Wisconsin manufacturing firm. "We´re being reduced from a manufacturing and hi-tech economy into a service economy-and if things continue the way they are, the service sector will eventually go the same direction."

Last week, the Senate, after tens of thousands of faxes and calls to stop the extra 350,000 H-1B visas from Senate Bill 1932, voted 84 to 14 against American workers. We´ll now enjoy not only 350,000 foreign workers taking our jobs, but we get their families, too. It shows you the extent of 84 senators bought off by corporations.

Grigg´s book rivets readers as he exposes the underbelly of America´s leaders, which means your senator and congressman, growing disregard of our citizens. By offshoring jobs to China, we transfer our industrial strength to the communist giant in Beijing.

Grigg exposes America´s impossible debt load. We´ve transformed from the largest creditor nation into the largest borrower in world history. U.S. consumers carry a $2.0 trillion debt with the average credit card balance exceeding $8,000.00. When you pile that onto the $7.9 trillion national debt-a lump the size of a bullfrog throbs in your throat. What happens when foreign investors raise the interest or call in the debts?

At some point, China may peg its Yuan to the more valued Euro dollar-collapsing the U.S. dollar. "That will create hyperinflation-the swiftest way to destroy the middle class," said Christopher Wood, of Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia.

Grigg continued, "The real objective is to destroy national sovereignty and erect a global governmentthe globalist counterfeit being offered today is a highway to universal serfdom."

One of the sobering aspects of this book concerns the expose´ of George W. Bush´s personal goal of dissolving America´s borders. He addressed a Hispanic rally in 2001 saying, "We want our Mexican neighbor to do welland that´s why it is so important for us to tear down barriers and walls that might separate Mexico from the United States." The majority of Congress supports Bush´s objectives by their actions against American citizens.

When we observe the social and governmental experiment of Marxism foisted on the Russian people as well as China-we must ask ourselves-what is our fate from this extreme ´socialistic´ experiment? First, it will create violent social upheaval on both sides of the Mexican border.

"´Social upheaval´ is a remarkably antiseptic term to describe the loss of our national identity, the importation of MS-13 gang criminals by the thousands, importation of welfare parasites, depression of our labor markets and exportation of our manufacturing capacity," Grigg said. "We´ll suffer the "downward harmonization" of our living standard with that of Mexico. This is the price of a unified world."

In my travels throughout the Third World, I can say, unequivocally, we cannot and will not ´harmonize´ with Mexico´s or Central America´s uneducated, poverty stricken, endlessly growing and unskilled masses. This bogus social experiment will not work to better any American, but it will drop America into the clutches of Third World misery. As they invade our vanishing borders, America´s middle class will not see one single benefit.

What Grigg illustrates, I´ve witnessed around the world-"Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Third World societies function." Look around you as it pours into America. Corruption operates at the highest levels in America. It operates because 96 percent of senators and congressmen keep being elected by a trusting public. Strom Thurmond´s endless career along with Teddy Kennedy illustrate how utterly obedient voters have become to name recognition at the ballot box. The worse it becomes, we keep voting them back into position to make it worse than that!

"While defeating the FTAA is vital, we must also end our nation´s entanglements in needless foreign conflicts, involvement in the United Nations, stop foreign aid and control our borders," Grigg said. "Our central government must be trimmed back to proper constitutional size so our businesses are no longer suffocated beneath regulations and bled dry by taxes."

"The organized effort to destroy our civilization requires an organized opposition," Grigg said.

This book exposes America´s leaders and political elites ready to sacrifice America´s past, present and future-in an experiment in socialism that has failed miserably in every country on the planet. Will we survive this experiment? Look around you in Los Angeles, California for consequences already playing out. Notice the riots in France last week by Muslim immigrants who came legally. Just think what is happening to us via illegal aliens piling up everywhere in the United States. Each of our cities, one by one, degrades into the chaos and misery of this Third World invasion brought to us by our president and Congress.

For eye opening monthly information, subscribe to The New American Magazine at www.thenewamerican.com where you can also obtain a copy of Grigg´s book.

He offers dramatic methods for pulling out of this invasion. Many are like the ones I´ve been advocating along with Tom Tancredo. The biggest key stems from more Americans getting off their tail feathers and into action.

"The roots of violence are wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and politics without principles." Mahatma Gandhi.

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at www.frostywooldridge.com.

Also, check out -
www.alipac.us at 1 866 329 3999;
www.theamericanresi stance.com;

To order my CD report from the border:
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© 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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