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Message Subject Hemp Milk Moustache!!
Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
Post Content
We got non-sterilized hemp seeds (technically illegal at the time) and some guy was making hemp milk. It is great in smoothies, and he was sprouting it for a day before so it was even better. Anyhow...he threw out a batch of sprouted seeds and in the garden at our local cafe 6 wondrous hemp plants grew up to about 4'. A bunch of American tourists were having their picture taken in front of the garden bed (it was a beauty even without the hemp plants).

So I had to tell them to erase their photo's and explained to them that if they had their phones gone through at the border they actually had 'marijuana plants' behind them. They were baffled and I pointed out the hemp plants an they said 'that's what there is a law against'...lol....'well that is kind of dumb'. The plants got to about 6' before we cut them down....had too...too many medpot growers who didn't need a male hemp plant going into flower and spreading it's bad genetics into our pot growing community...
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