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Message Subject UPDATE # EYE OPENING # MONSANTO's Corruption EXPOSED # (Video)
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he forgot something, one interest is making a lot of money.
 Quoting: Monbazillac

Thanks for such an awesome thread Roxy! My wife and i were just sitting here talking about all the people who have their head in the sand on some of the most obvious ways GMO products can affect us in our day to day lives even if you already possess optimum health!

Once one begins to educate themselves on the understanding of what GMO products are actually about. And that they are taking something our creator made perfect, then on the molecular and cellular level litterally transforming into something that that is actually void of any health benifits but in fact leaves you vulnerable to disease and compromises your immune system!

We were discussing just home many people just openly trust that their government is doing the right thing! BUt its why when obama took office and all these questions we had he would just say the reason for doing this is "because its the right thing to do"! When in actuality when you become informed as to what they are trying to do that its is quite the opposite and much more sinister, and actually when you get down to brass tacks completely and utterly diabolical!!! It will not only compromise your health but completely change the environement as well as all the birds and insects and everything else up the foodchain as well as down the food chain! People need to wake up to the truth. The governments watch dogs have even verified these facts and people will still ignore the consequences!

Why do ya think they want to outlaw whole milk and whole foods in general? And even home remedies and vitamins, the safe alternative to what big Pharma has for human consumption! That causes 3 bad side effects worse than the ailment that your taking it for? Cant have people growing their own vegetables they need everyone on board for this shit!! A well coordinated effort of participation! Wake up people the government isnt in support of your health and well being, just show me in one area where the government is actually benifiting anyone!?

It isnt about the money i assure you, i thought that at first also! Its about culling the herd of everything that has life in it!!
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