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Message Subject DAY 77 - Roman Holiday * Liberalia * 3:22 * Petros Romanos * TWZ * Zolanski * WW6 * AntiChrist Conception * Illuminati
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
Uncle Mikey -

I did a couple of cactus sessions the past few weeks, massive influx of information regarding triple dna helix vs 12 dna helices.

Cactus of the Four Winds
[link to www.biopark.org]

One of the sessions was up on Sentinel Peak, on top of the Molten Lava Rocks; seemed fitting in an attempt to counterbalance this Molten Rothschild fellow somehow:

Sentinel Peak / A Mountain
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Molten Rothschild is here, in Geneva Switzerland & UC Berkely School of Bio-Engineering:

Meier on Rothschild, Tel Aviv
[link to www.meier.co.il]
[link to www.archdaily.com]

Still trying to sort it all out, but there seems to be some relationship between the greys & triple helix dna - whom I would categorize as being of an archived hive mind.

I kept seeing an image of a grey alien inside a triangle with a triple dna helix overlaid upon it.

I almost think the greys are here now, returning to the point where the divergence took place between double-triple dna helix; almost like they time traveled or something ...

Alot of influx having to do with China, and that China is going to be all for this stuff; but some how Rothschild must be cut off ...

Those assholes, China Volkswagen-Audi has already co-opted some of my ideas:

Omni-Dimensional Design in China
[link to global.designdb.com]
[link to www.beijingtoday.com.cn]
[link to mps.beijingtoday.com.cn]

See, I was threatening to write to the chinese communist government last year in the same time frame:


I have now written to Weng Ling from the Beijing Center for the Arts multiple times without any response, and also tried to write to China Volkswagen-Audi; but mails returned undeliverable.

Also, I am fairly certain that triple helix dna will allow ''physical immortality'' to be achieved, which only means that the biology can continue to function indefinitely.

That doesn't mean that it can not be killed though.

During one of the sessions, I was given a choice:

Physical Immortality within a triple dna helix


Divine Immortality within 12 dna helixes

Also saw that our di-strand dna helix truly is a ''Matrix''; the 12 dna strand mandala is the ''Blueprint'' and the seed of life is the ''Template''.

Within the matrix I saw quantum substructures, and all kinds of programming for elemental superhuman powers; even within our current di-strand dna helix ...

Also saw that evolution and why there are no ''transitional species'' is because evolution ultimately occurs through ''Quantum Transfiguration'' ...

Also stuff about cross species genome breeding / splicing, in otherwords - not just at the level of genes; but like you illustrate chromosomally; true chimeras .. anyone in the market for a cross genome breed Cat/Dog; we'll have Cogs & Dats ...

Am fairly certain that 12 dna helixes is blueprint for ''divine immortality''; which I guess can only be achieved via multi-incarnational ascension of the soul through extension into living form - and then death in a cyclic pattern.


A few other tid bits, I very clearly saw the energy of ''Lucifer'' as being associated with the central circle within the seed of life; whose center point the other 6 circles are drawn from.

I saw it as being a sort of androgynous / non-gender specific energy; so I don't know why this ''Central Ray'' of creation/completion is always considered to be masculine.

In my thinking, seeing as Jesus Christ was the central point with 12 around him; which also mirrors the fully expanded seed-into flower of life-metatron's cube

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

This would essentially align Jesus Christ with the central circle of the seed of life, and makes it alot clearer how he said:

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


Still waiting for people to realize taht 2012 isn't solely about Galactic Synchronization; but internal synchronization up the axis mundi and resonance between our hearts and the benevolent heart of creation - which is a 144,000 faceted core / sphere - at the central axis of the entirety; an omni-dimensional multi-universal cosmosphere.

The entirety mirroring the base, 6 unvierses (samsara realms) spun out of the 144,000 faceted core ... essentially mirroring the base creational geometry of the seed of life.

The central circle with the 6 petaled flower in the center being the lower dimensional representation of the 144,000 facted core.


There was a lot more, but I don't have alot of time; and that should be sufficient for the moment.

Anyways, thanks for the heads up...

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