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Message Subject DAY 77 - Roman Holiday * Liberalia * 3:22 * Petros Romanos * TWZ * Zolanski * WW6 * AntiChrist Conception * Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today is the 77th day of the year 2012. It is 'Liberalia' - a Roman Holiday...

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

"The Romans celebrated Liberalia with sacrifices"

About a year ago I posted this TimeWave Zero extrapolation date...
Thread: DOOOOM!!! March 19th and Timewave Zero! Nooooo!

Which became the start of the US/Libyan war...
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

So what's the big deal? The next dip is coming... in few weeks from now.

Will it be a dud? Let's hope so!

Here are some theories that can help us determine where we are right now, and where we might be headed...

*) 3:22

- Exactly nine months before the eminent date of Dec 21, 2012.

- Nine months is the time it takes to have a baby.

- This means *NOW* would be a PERFECT time for the AntiChrist to be conceived!

- The birth of a new world leader would make a very realistic 2012 resolution.

- Rumors of a new Pope (Petros Romanos) are circulating...




*) Human Sacrifice

- This type of ritual may soon be performed by individuals attempting to 'make a star fall from heaven' as prophesied in Revelation.

- Let's not forget the conversation that began on page -> 23 <- of this thread...


- The words of that thread began to play out in real life as we saw the strange death (sacrifice?) of musicians linked to televised rituals.

- Be alert to the fact that the elites may attempt a False Flag sacrifice soon.

*) The Destroyer

- Some of you know that I use the name "NewMan" for the AntiChrist (for obvious reasons). In the final episode of Seinfeld, 'NewMan' gives a chilling performance that seems to foretell of a future apocalypse...

- In one of the many prophetic 2012 SuperBowl commercials, we see 'NewMan' as 'SuperMan Leno' and as an alien (after the car is shown)...

Key Scenes: Tempting #1, Nazi, CLOTHED AS LILY, Spirit Monkey, EggMan (Pope), Limericks St. Patrick, Puppet Master, Alien, SILVER CORD TRAVEL, Superman, Alien Again...

*) The "NOBODY"

- In my latest film, I addressed how the 'iamaphoney' videos share some of the same prophetic characterisitics as the SuperBowl commercials.

- Example: 'St. Paul' (present day) is looking back at 'Sinner Paul' (late 60's) and seems to be warning of Armageddon (2:50 mark)...

*) Occult Programming in Music

- I've prepared a cynical slide show analysis of 'Rocky Mountain Way' to demonstrate Illuminati influences (notice the album cover are walls of a megalithic structure, hinting at the ubiquitous Illuminati Pyramid)...









*) High-Tech Biblical Prophecy

- Many people post about the Two Witnesses... here is my personal view...




- Star analysis...



By the way... I have yet to see a helical menorah, so there's an opportunity to make some $$$. Just package it with a little story of how it represents DNA.

Oh and notice how Israel was separated from Egypt?

Egypt = Transhumanists
Israel = Non Transhumanists (keep the commandments D.N.A.)

Israel was supposed to be all about keeping the covenant by not screwing around with bio-engineering.

*) Lucifer Spirit Science Series

- You New Agers need to understand whom you serve...


*) Dangers of Kundalini

- Here are some examples of what *could* go wrong, based on my own experiences...



I probably won't have time to respond to questions, so if anyone wants to hijack this thread, go for it!

Opposing views and criticism are always welcome, as it helps me in my studies.

My brother Lucif... uh.. er, I mean our good friend Apollo Illuminati comes to mind.

See ya later!

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