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Message Subject DAY 77 - Roman Holiday * Liberalia * 3:22 * Petros Romanos * TWZ * Zolanski * WW6 * AntiChrist Conception * Illuminati
Poster Handle Uncle Mikey
Post Content
I want to clarify a little bit of my own internal visual imagery received, described in a previous post; the energy which I saw as being the ''Central Ray'' of creation - which I would equate with the central circle in the seed of life, as a lower dimensional representation of what I would describe the entirety as being ((an omni-dimensional multi-universal cosmosphere)).

In the previous post, I identified it with being the energetic which is mostly regarded as being ''Lucifer''; but in actuality it was what appeared to be a fusion of what I can only describe as ''Christos-Logos/Shekinah-Sophia'' energies - or divine masculine/feminine but fused together; essentially aligned with the central circle of the seed of life - which would also align this energy with the 144,000 faceted core (as the 7th day, rest & perceiving the entirety; viewing the completed omni-dimensional multi-universal cosmosphere - 6 universes spun out of 144,000 faceted core [universe = days/samsara realms])...

This is very similar to the yezidi mythos of the peacock angel, melek taos ((melech=moloch??)); whom is the Central Angel with 6 accompanying angels.

Melek Taus
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to www.yeziditruth.org]

Uncle Mikey wants a triple helical menorah, but the temple menorah originally was to mirror this lower dimensional template; which is mirrored at the highest level of completion.

As far as I have been able to understand, the entirety is essentially what I would describe as being an ''Opaluminal Simulation''.

The creators of the entirety, exist outside of the structure within which we exist; everything within the entirety is essntially emanated / spun out of the 'fire letters' and or ''amrita' which is embedded into each of the 144,000 facets - a specific shape; that then rotates independantly of the rotation of the entirety (the entirety rotates n'dimensionally - or in all spin directions simultaneously).

I don't know about all this new age blavatsky ''Luciferian'' doctrine stuff, I kinda think it is a corruption of the truth and supposedly in the bible; the couple of references to ''Lucifer'' have to do with some vatican intrigue I thought I read ...

There is an ancient sacred circuit that exists hyperspatially via fields within fields within fields, almost like those Russian Dolls with the smaller ones embedded inside the larger one.

It is only accessible via our hearts, higher minds & what I personally describe as being the ''Soul Star'' ...

Ancient sacred circuit between you, your heart & field & the core / structure of the entirety.

This is the beauty of the di-strand dna helix, vector us into a triple dna helix; and we will be disconnected from the whole overall template & capability to visulize the entirety.

Triple dna helix is truly a raw deal when it all comes down to it, somehow Molten Rothschild needs to be stopped and cut off ...

Wish there truly some people out there who would help me in these regards --TRUE ISRAEL-- ((not Rothschild's False Rogue British Zionist State), haven't I demonstrated enough dedication over the years ..

Where are the others, I thought there were supposed to be at least 144,000 people who could directly perceived these things and would serve as anchor point focal co-ordinates, or nodes within an entirely new hyperdimensional grid - which is correctly aligned with the contour of creation - through the heart & narrow gate/vesica piscis.

I kinda always only thought it would take one, and then everybody would begin to able to directly perceive such; perhaps I am just truly a false prophet :(

But what I do know, is what we are here to effect, is essentially a correction to the unfoldment of timelines within the spatial field.


Also, regarding the archetype of the fool; and the fool being the --ZERO-- card.

This stuff is very important to understand, reference ''Time Wave Zero'' ...

2012 Phenomenen / Time Wave Zero
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Needs to be understood that the King Wen Sequence of the I Ching is ultimately derived from the 8 trigrams of the ba gua; which was given to us by Fu Xi ..

Fu Xi
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

People should be taking this stuff seriously, the cross correlation that may exist between what Fu Xi set in motion - Terrence's derivation; and the mesoamerican long count calendar ...

Plus the fact that the 13th baktun time cycle, which is supposed to be being completed 12.21.2012; synch with terrence mckennas derivations from what Fu Xi gave us ...

That should be ringing some bells, especially with the fact that a baktun is a 144,000 day time cycle; with the fact that the only other place besides supposed number of casing stones to the great pyramid where that numerical sequence is central is in the biblical book of revelations.

Where are the people who have a clue out there ???

When everybody thinks about the ''Universe'' they automatically think ''One'' ...

Here's the problem though, if you think about computational languages:

Trinary Coding: -1, 0, 1
Binary Coding: 0, 1
Unary Coding: 0

Most would think Unary code is based on ''1''; but that is incorrect; it is based upon ''Zero'' which is not solely a neutral eraser or a placeholder - it is the container of all numerical equivalence, both positive and negative - in otherwords almost like a great void containing everything and nothing simultaneously.

It is also the central circle of the seed of life, which the other 6 circles are dervied from.

It is also a spherovum, which contains the egg whose yolk forever nourishes.

It is also the circle of life of the native north american peoples, and a 2-dimensional cross section of a sphere.

And true unity is not about us all being ''One'', one is in actuality a derivative and differntiation from true ''UNITY'' - it is about each of us realizing that we are a very direct conduit to and from the source - each of us were born from within a spherovum ...

Where are the ''WELLUMINICE'' ???

We've had enough ''Ill Use' of the One ((Illusion)), or Naughthy & Ill Use of the Light (Illuminati)) ...

 Quoting: 12DnAHelix 695817

This is amazing stuff. A lot is over my head, which is why I'm searching for answers as well.

I'm out of karma points, otherwise I would pin this.

My bottom line is...

"To transhuman or not to transhuman... that is the question"

If the answer is 'yes', then how does it happen?

A) Cosmic energy burst/ribbon
B) Aliens
C) Man made through scientific breakthroughs
D) A blueprint in a lost pyramid or structure
E) Lucifer will appear and show us the way
F) Through meditation
G) Wait for Jesus to do it after we die
H) Other?

I'm trying to make the case that the Bible strictly forbids us from modifying our DNA without divine permission (i.e. Jesus or ribbon).

Why am I making this case? Because if we make the wrong choice, it could mean extermination time. This is what I am showing in my slides.

Maybe extermination sounds great to GLPrs, but it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, isn't it?

If the Bible teaches us that DNA modification will get you the Pale Horse, then the next step would be (if you are a transhumanist) to conclude that the Bible is a deception, and to go ahead full steam with the New Man.

Now, a cosmic energy ribbon/burst is something we can't control, so if it happens, so be it, however I don't see the elites waiting around for it to happen.

I've yet to see someone upgrade through meditation.

Therefore, I see technology being involved somehow.

Before embracing the New Man agenda, you must also embrace Monsanto and other corporations that are 'patenting life'. Your new DNA upgrade will come with a price. You will be a corporate owned entity... no longer a God owned entity.

You will be stuck in this universe forever... sort of like being in hell. What if you die? They give you a new body and put your spirit back into it. That's the Lucifer deal.

What if this technology gets destroyed?

Now you become a disembodied spirit... waiting another millennia for Chimeras to be produced for you to enter back into. You become a 'familiar spirit', constantly encouraging technological growth (through wars, experiments, etc.) so you can be amongst the living again.

Also, if we look where we are technologically, we see that it is a foundation built upon lots and lots of suffering.

Is that a sound foundation Karma wise? I say it's not.

This is what I interpret from reading scripture.

But I'm just an average dope. What do I know?

It's ironic. Here I am trying to help people make a more informed decision, yet I get kicked in the ass for it... I don't mean by you 12DnAHelix, but by other posters saying 'it's all nonsense'. Why even come to this website then? It's called 'God Like Productions'. That's what this post is about.

"To Godlike or not to Godlike... that is the question".

Your input is very valuable in helping us determine what our next move should be.

Oh I just remembered something. You mentioned Rothchild's being involved in the New Man.

If Rothchilds created Israel in 1948 as their prostitute, then I could see that country being 'used' (like we are) to 'break the covenant' and 'rebuild the '3rd strand' temple' (human body).

If this happens, then Israel is going to have a lot of splainin to do. Talk about giving a big middle finger to the Elohim. That's going to REALLY piss the 2/3d's off... at least that's how I see it. The 1/3 will LOVE it!!!

I'm seeing this 'line in the sand' becoming clearer each year. Us 'BibleTards' will be in a real pickle soon when the public starts freaking out over the next false flag.

The goal is to get rid of us so that our 'vibrations' don't interfere with their 'operations'.

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