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Message Subject DAY 77 - Roman Holiday * Liberalia * 3:22 * Petros Romanos * TWZ * Zolanski * WW6 * AntiChrist Conception * Illuminati
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
The creators of the entirety, exist outside of the structure within which we exist; everything within the entirety is essntially emanated / spun out of the 'fire letters' and or ''amrita' which is embedded into each of the 144,000 facets - a specific shape; that then rotates independantly of the rotation of the entirety (the entirety rotates n'dimensionally - or in all spin directions simultaneously).

 Quoting: 12DnAHelix 695817

I didn't describe this quite correctly, but it's very basic; there is a 144,000 faceted core at the central axis of the entirety - which is an omni-dimensional multi-universal cosmosphere.

Within each of the facets of the 144,000 faceted core, there is a specific shape. Each of these shapes rotate independantly of the rotation of the 144,000 faceted core; which itself rotates n'dimensionally.

The entirety, I am not sure which direction it spins in; but ...

This stuff should be able to be directly perceived, it can be crystal clearly with the cactus of the four winds; you'd think people would gain a clue ...

I could see it crystal clearly up on Sentinel Peak, with two others ...

Been trying to tell people for 7 years to seek out the Zuul (tzolkin), who are cosmic guardian / gatekeepers; somewhat like what was represented in ghostbusters ...

You would think you people out there would gain a clue, that the ancients gained much of their understanding via the plant based hyperspatial / interdimensional communications system ... and also major modern advances have taken place via those means, including the discovery of the di-strand dna helix in the first place with the help of LSD; according to Francis Crick on his deathbed.

As far as I am concerned, the creators of the entirety do not have anything against plant use and inclusion in our diets; perhaps the creator of humanity may have put dietary restrictions on his slave species - and those who seek to continue to see us being enslaved ...

Twelve Constellations of the Girdle of Gaia
[link to www.dhushara.com]

All that I know is much more triple dna helix & 12 dna helix information is accessible via the plant based hyperspatial interdimensional communications network - if anyone has the tenacity of spirit to truth seek.

That is how my own process first began, how I received the 12 dna strand heart-soul-star cosmic mandala (of true israel); it was after having ingested some psilocybin mushrooms - that I was buzzed by some type of craft and said image projected into my mind.

Anyways, I saw something in another thread; there is another image besides the mandala I was given in 2005; which is important.

I've posted it elsewhere over the years, when it was drawn; it was ascribed to/from the ''Time Wave Lords'' ...

Doorway Into the Soul Matrix
[link to a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net]

On the other side of the doorway is not a triple dna helix, but the whole blueprint for divine immortality and true israel; which is what the 12 dna strand heart soul star cosmic mandala is - in symbolic visually represented form.

Is also top down 2-d cross section view (the central portion is) for those who know how to view it correctely; illustrating both the 6 around 1 (central axis/bindu point) containing the template for 12 around 1.

When are you fools out there going to help me to take Rothschild out, hijacking my components and sending them to James Cameron and trying to co-opt the notion of omni-dimensionality through Faw-Volkswagen-Audi into China via the Beijing Center for the Arts ...

... and no response from them ...

I have done everything in my power from within the set of life limitations which I encapsulate; in otherwords - living back out on the streets without a single cent to my name; even though as an acronym my given name is DALR (false profit indeed) .. have been now for over 4 years ...

I've also given everything freely, and only sought out financial backing from the House of Rothschild itself via the British Mint in 2001, Lord Jacob, his son Nathan - chased Molten Rothschild off Facebook - had the feds come down on me here in Tucson because I was trying to wake Tucson up in tandem with the Inauguration of their new Mayor Jonathan Rothschild; to no avail ...

I am not pleased and neither are those above who gave me the mandala, nor are those who are holding out hopes that humanity in deed will seek to see a correction to the unfoldment of timelines within the spatial field.

Not only are we all falling short of the glory of god, each of us as individuals are not oriented correctly; we are out of synchronization - and not only that the greater majority within the ''awakening'' movement are trapped within the conceptual notion of multi-dimensionality (which our normal everyday 3-dimensional framework is, multi-dimensional) and within the so called '2012/New Age Movement' our thinking regarding 2012 as solely a galaxial synchronization is off the mark by an order of magnitude.

We've been sending out sirens and trying to raise white & red flags; even up on this forum since like 2004.

Not Pleased,
Daniel & his friends above
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