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Damp Moon Falsifies Bone Dry Moon Rocks, Period.

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03/17/2012 10:05 AM
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Damp Moon Falsifies Bone Dry Moon Rocks, Period.
The "Apollo moon rocks" are at least 3 billion years old. Every day for 3 billion years water molecules were made all over the Moon and deposited in the lunar soil (Ref. 1) and rocks. But Moon Hoax Producers collected 2,415 pieces of "moon rock" samples, almost all of which are bone dry (Ref. 2). God cannot accept that.

Ref. 1: [link to www.csmonitor.com]

Quote from Ref. 1: “… solar protons (the nuclei of hydrogen atoms) allow our own supposedly arid moon to make enough water every day to offset evaporation and maintain trace amounts of moisture all over its surface. Forget those bone dry textbook images. In September, several research teams made the case for a damp moon in Science online. A decade of data from several spacecraft showed water concentrations up to a liter per ton of lunar "soil". The European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed that finding with a study of its own announced last month…The water trick works like this. Lunar "soil" is a loose mix of dust grains that soaks up protons in the so-called solar wind. Trapped between the dust grains and absorbed, the solar protons react with the oxygen there to make water. They continuously make enough to offset the water that evaporates back into space. A European-supplied instrument on board India's Chendrayaan-I craft now orbiting the Moon found the data to back up this scenario.” Unquote

Ref.2: [link to en.wikipedia.org]

Quote from Ref. 2: “Almost all lunar rocks are depleted in volatiles and are completely lacking in hydrated minerals common in Earth rocks.” Unquote