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Subject When will people wake up and say no to governments lies,laws,debt money,gmo foods?or do people just not know how to?
Poster Handle reallife8701
Post Content
TRUTH lol, that word saves the govs ass from questions by the mass population at the end of the day . Wat ever they say , no matter how many different ways they have to "bend" the truth! but every once in a while a reporter slips in some truth or classified information, we will see it 1 time on tv, and never again. They hit it wit a MEDIA BLACKOUT . Those r great , to just completly not let adults ,(just like them)have this info , I wonder y the elites r so much better then us, as if we r their kids? It must suck to be in a high level positions and have all the answers with proof, but u can't tell anyone, after a while u probly feel like people have to know this truths. But will people even care about this so called truth givin their brainwashed religious belief mind frame? I think alot of the mass pop would see the truth with every kind of proof and still say "I don't believe that, now get out of my way I have to go to church "! If people don't start acting like they want their rights, they r going to take the few we have left, the adults of this planet always left if more fucked up for their kids, I hope we will be the ones to give the new generation a place to live that is not going to kill,imprison or inslave them and their children.
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