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Message Subject New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
So when the Bank Fail this time WE WILL OWN THEM threw the Treasury! No more FED!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12762740

I don't think you fully understand the (current/historic) criminal global banking game and agenda..which is for the banking cartels and their crony elites to systemattically own, print and control money and debt (regionally and globally)..to then exploit,leverage and take more and more control of real physical assets, resources and commodities (..the real wealth)...i.e effectively coverting worthless/valueless paper money, credit, bonds and electronic shares into real stuff..such as energy, food and commidities that we all need to exist (you can't eat money or gold)...why do you think they have fraudulently bankrupted the economic process again (and yet force us to keep paying for their global money market crimes). It's very simple when you see the agenda..debt needs to be paid in kind..thefefore every country that they have made bankrupt will have to jive up soveignty and assets...leading to more considated control for the criminal banking owners..who will all just ship once they have enough...or more likely just start the world wars needed to destract and recondition us..to bow down and accept their global greed and insanity.

But hey if people are stupid enough to believe in any of our [email protected] and corrupt human hierarchies and think that their respective elites and rulers care for them...then they deserve all that happens...because they don't understand the true imbalances and motives for these systems..of fake criminal elites and their tyrannical divide and rule enslavement games.
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