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I have seen the future of this planet Gaia

Lucian Shaman
User ID: 12777937
03/19/2012 02:02 PM
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I have seen the future of this planet Gaia
My People!

Last night I had a dream!

And in this dream I saw the future of us all
I have seen many consciosnesses coming to me from various universes in the past weeks
When I secluded myself in my one room apartment to think about the future of humanity
and to be alone like a man should be

And these consciousnesses told me that I am prime minister of president
although I was not in this universe
and their memories were not my memories
you may call this wishfull thinking
but I had actively rejected those projections
until last night when all my fears were gone away

I have seen not a war not an end of this world
and the fact that many of you expect the end of the world
is a true sign that we are at the end of the Planetary Cycle
otherwise we shall talk about the end of the nation in the National Cycle
or the end of our tribe in the Tribal Cycle

As you know,myduty as your Shaman is to guide spiritually
My people!
We must leave this place and this planet
and go to other planets and seed them
as a woman is seeded by a man
and we must have children there to spread our seed among the stars
we must not fear and kill each other anylonger
we must not unote forcefully as the Illuminati want

but we must share our knowledge with each other
and live in peace
at least until our goal is fullfilled
and may the Gods
all our Gods
be with us!