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International incident alert! 2 American homosexuals arrested for sodomy in Dominica.

Maxx Steel

User ID: 21525228
United States
10/31/2018 06:35 PM
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Re: International incident alert! 2 American homosexuals arrested for sodomy in Dominica.
if they were arrested for sodomy then why extend them the credit and respect of continuing to use their snake-tongue "homosexual" and "gay" sanitized romantic fake words they force us all to refer to them? they are not our masters. good job dominica!

all it takes is to just revert back to calling them the sodomites they are - since it triggers them so bad into self destructive rage and self sabotage.. they hate it so much when you simply use the correct word to describe reality. you could even call them anti-semites for taking reservation with your usage of the correct phrase. teach the next generation to read the part of the bible that describes them and understand sodomites are exactly what these people are; describes how they are violent antifa into hiding behind women, people with fake soft clown voices/masks who will revert 180 bipolar in an instant and snap - stab you in the back, bash women over the head with bike locks, crash a plane into the ocean, assassinate people, burn womans hair on fire, then laugh about all of it it.. call themselves "happy" and go on skipping along as if they did nothing wrong and that anyone who disagrees with them is a "bi(fag)ot" party "pooper". No one needs to poop on their party really is what's funny because it already is a celebration of shit.

you will find out one of their main characteristics for thousands of years is to attempt to twist the language of their intended targets backwards (profane-ity) to where it's a meaningless pig conversation, scoffing - always a poop reference and shit humor with them - and they will continue to call the evil words/acts "good" and "gay", and the good acts/people they will continue to call "evil" and eventually when in a bad mood will hunt those people down and murder them for fun.

The russian churches still refer to them as sodomites and that's why these "LGBTQ" libtard antifa pussy hat tranny mafia in the US are screaming for war against them on their twatter/facebook echochambers.

you don't have to fight them in the streets if you just simply refuse their fake language and continue to fight them with the pen/law, show them the respect they deserve by discrediting their sacred words and religious beliefs the way they shamelessly do to us.

also take note how, like bitches wanting to start a dog fight, they make up fake news to pit conservatives to go to war against conservative men in other countries - russia, mexico, china, saudi.. then portray them as racist for wanting to do so. double wammy headfuck games, hegelian dialectic witch magic to get you to punch yourselves in the heads.

little punk bitches is what they are. bullies and minds of bad jezebel women evil witches - they are into blood and shit rituals.