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Message Subject Galactic Federation Coud'état against the Illuminati and a NEW financial system . START THE DISCUSSION OF THE END OF TIMES!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This is Sananda and I would ask you dear ones, do you feel that, do you feel or sense that sense of calmness throughout your body? Do you feel that sense of something is about to occur, but you’re not quite sure what? That my dear ones is the calm before the storm, for this storm is about to rage all around and all of those that are ready will be a part of calming the storm. For there will be many who will be caught up in it and it will be raging around them and through their nervous system. Through their bodies they will feel it, will know it and it will be very unsettling for many. But for those of you who are ready to work with us, those of you who are prepared, you will be the ones leading the charge, those who will be helping others to move through the storm, to know what is occurring as it is occurring and feel that calmness within them. This is what you have been preparing and waiting for, what you have come here to do. You each one are readying yourselves to do those things which you know to do and it is said, courage happens in the moment when it is needed and certainly my brothers and sisters courage will be needed in many ways. But you will have that knowing within as the storm is raging around you, what is occurring and why. You will be prepared for this and know and understand as these changes continue on and to the planet herself, you will know that it is the light ahead that you are moving toward not as some will call the darkness. You will see the light, while they will only know the dark, for that is what they have grown accustomed to. That you will be able to show them that glimmer of light and because of each of you, that flame that burns brightly within, you will be able to open up the shroud that surrounds them and help them through the darkness.

For know this, everything that you know now in your life today will soon be an upturned. Much of what you have grown accustomed to will no longer be the way. Much will be changing and developing and you each one will be in the forefront of this, knowing as these things happen what exactly you need to do. Many of you have done this many times before, for it is just as it was long ago and again similar today.

You have much to look forward to in the times immediately ahead and you will be established and know your place and purpose, when that purpose is called for.
So dear ones, believe in yourselves, believe in those around you and the inner knowing which you have, to weather through the storm and to know that shortly, you will be reuniting once again with those of your brethren that have been lost to you for many lifetimes. All of this that you have gone through, the many lifetimes of struggle and in seeming darkness, all of that will be well worth it and you will be celebrated and those will be celebrating with you as well. My peace and love be with all of you as you continue on in strength and knowing of all that is about to occur. I am Sananda.

I am One Who Serves, Ascended Master in the order of the seven rays, and I wish to speak briefly of the ego self which in many ways does not want to let go, it is holding on for its very existence trying to maintain the status quo, but it is only doing what it is supposed to do. There is nothing negative for it is only following its purpose, but soon that purpose will be changed, soon the ego will be needed no longer in the respect it has been needed. It will no longer be needed to help the consciousness learn right from wrong, light from dark and the rest of duality. Even the dark Cabal has had its purpose in a three dimensional understanding, but that is no longer needed, why it is being lifted now.

It is the same thing as the death hormone within each person on the planet which is now no longer going to be needed. It is the life hormone now that will be secreted. Just as that was needed all those years to bring light from the darkness, the light is there now so the death hormone is no longer needed. So therefore the illuminati, the dark Cabal are no longer needed and are being filtered out of this system. The veil will soon be lifted and you’ll be able to walk outside at any given time and look up into the sky and there you will see your brothers and sisters waving to you in a sense. You will know that they’re there and you will know that they know you are there, as the veil will be gone. You’ll be able to look up without the use of instruments and they will be there.

It will only be just a little bit longer for you have been waiting lifetimes for this and now it is here within your grasp. They will literally be, as Sananda said at an earlier time, on your doorstep and you will very soon know that all has been orchestrated for you to be here at the exact moment and the exact time that you will be finding your self. Shante, peace be with you. Be the One.
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