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Message Subject Galactic Federation Coud'état against the Illuminati and a NEW financial system . START THE DISCUSSION OF THE END OF TIMES!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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My question and concern would be.. if they are talking about a precious metals backed economy.. who would be holding those metals at the time of the coup? Because obviously that party would be at a huge advantage. I thought that the Rothschild family had the corner on gold.

Also.. this is conflicted because my understanding from a variety of sources is that the neu economy wouldn't be money based at all but rather some alternative form of exchange.

I think there are various factions using the GF title as their own. Finding out the real one would therfore be the goal.
 Quoting: JATMON

LOL, it won't be precious metals backed. It will be completely digital. In fact, anyone caught trading with precious metals after the switch will be considered a terroist and treated as such.

It will be something like 1933 when all the gold and silver certificates had to be turned in.
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