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Message Subject Galactic Federation Coud'état against the Illuminati and a NEW financial system . START THE DISCUSSION OF THE END OF TIMES!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe just a unique way for the existing PTB to get their new monetary system in place. Wasn't that always their goal? This is the implementation of the NWO thing. The GFL is just the "operation" they are implementing to achieve their goals.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 866338

"they" play both hands. Coke or Pepsi, Dem or Rep, etc

So you have on one hand- the evil system that is in place now, run by the evil illuminati. This system can not, and was never meant to, last forever. So how do you bring in the next phase of control without bringing chaos? You create and become the solution to the very problem you've created.

1. Rise in tensions brings about ww3
2. This of course brings about a new global depression- economy goes to S***
3. Fema camps open as a "safe haven" but in order to get in you have to agree to a microchip
4. When it seems as though all hope is lost: Project blue beam brings in the Galactic Federation to save us all. There will be real ufo's but these are man made.

Just my guess though :-P
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