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Message Subject The ethnic distribution of gun violence (95% black and Hispanic) in New York City (29% Hispanic, 26% black)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's what is misleading about so much "scientific" research today. You read the headlines, and see the conclusions, but never read how the data was collected, what else was learned, etc. You only learn what they want to tell you, and in the case of biopharmaceuticals, you only learn what the researchers were paid to find out. We buy into it. “The FDA approved it so it must be good, and safe, too!”

You never learn how the data was collected, if there were control groups, if the variables were measured in the same way, or if the data is statistically significant or even meaningful.

In this case, does it not occur to you that if the population in those area of crime were also 67% Black and 28.1% Hispanic, that the data is then meaningless? Did the article include that information? (Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims are most frequently Black (67.0%) or Hispanic (28.1%).

This is how TPTB sways public opinion. This is how they tell you what to think. This is how you are manipulated and controlled, while thinking you are justified. It's worked very well for them so far. We read a headline, a research "conclusion", and we believe it without question. They know we don't think for ourselves. They know we don't bother to analyze data because it's too much work for us. Heck, some people here won't read a post that's longer than two paragraphs.

So what does this information the media has provided us, do for us?

The usual: Divide the sheeple. That makes them weaker. Generate negative emotion. That makes them weaker. Make some of them feel superior, inflate their egos, that keeps them from looking at both sides, and makes them weaker. Make them focus on anything but us. Play on their emotions because we know they are such suckers for emotions. Don't let them think. Make it sound official. Never give any details. Hah, we love controlling the sheeple, they are sooo easy. Get their emotions going with articles like these and half of our work is done for us.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31749918

The problem is still that the majority, in many case vast majority, of 'gun' crime in America involves black and to a lesser degree 'Hispanic' perps and victims. That blacks make up a majority of the perps of both 'gun' crime and murders in the U.S. [over 50%] while they make up 12-13% of the population, THAT IS SCANDALOUS....AND IT IS BEING HUSHED UP.

MOST violent crime PROPORTIONATELY and over-all in America occurs in urban areas; exactly what are the demographics of most American urban areas again? Aside from the occasional psycho mass shooter [probably psycho because of the prescription meds he was on] VERY few violent crimes, let alone homicides, occur in rural and small town America. And suburbs have on average FAR FEWER violent crimes, murders, and 'gun' crime. The black reporter feels hunted? How the fuck does he think the non-black population in the U.S. feels when they know what's going on and are called racist when they mention it and talk about it?
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