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Message Subject The ethnic distribution of gun violence (95% black and Hispanic) in New York City (29% Hispanic, 26% black)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You negros saying that 'only whites commit mass murder' ARE LIARS parroting bullshit.

FACT: THE MOST HORRENDOUS MASS MURDERS in history were committed by negros, the media just barely reports them to protect their 'chosen people':

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31751545

When will you guys learn.

Don't forget the Holocaust, not just the Jewish one
but the additional 11 million Russians, Poles, gypsies, "sub-
human" Slavs etc. 17 million over 3.5 years when the
mass killings started with the German invasion of Russia
in late 1941. This works out to be roughly 13,300 per day.
Then there are the operations of "role model"
Joe Stalin, who in just one year of the terror
famines systematically caused the deaths of about
10 million people (1932/33 (Wädekin et al. 1982.
Agrarian Policies in Communist Europe. pg 16)
for an "impressive" average of over 27,000 souls per day.

And that is just in EUROPE. The above does not
include the mass genocide and killings of native
peoples in the Americas and elsewhere. They can
do all the DNA tests they want. The grim historical
data will always trump them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1554099

devil6 devil6devil6devil6devil6 and they think theyre gonna be raptured and whisked off to nibiru by God. white man dont do it! 1rof11rof11rof15a
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