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Message Subject Submerged Glass Pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Re: Submerged Glass Pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle?

It's a massive repeater for a sub-space radio( Atlantis ).

Just our slave masters sending down the mind control waves that make us do the things we do.

The Danger is, we may not really have any higher brain function. If we destroy it, poof monkeys.

Tin foil won't do ya any good, need a crown of Gold. Gold blocks mind control radio waves.

That's what makes a King a King, his thoughts are his own.

Laugh it up if ya will, however until ya have put a crown of Gold on ya head, ya don't know if it's true or not.

Last Edited by Andrew Jackson on 03/29/2012 07:06 AM

Alrighty, so theres some kind of sub water/space radio at the bottom of the Bermuda watery bit somewhere near Florida USA, in a glass pyramid i assume? So your slave masters send down mind control waves, up from this submerged radio station. So this is dangerous, but if you destroy it the world will have a sudden shortage of gay monkeys, or an exponential increase of gay monkeys, obviously I'm not the only one to see some confusion there in what you are saying. I do not understand your concern for gay monkeys, except for Bubbles. Although that may be just a rumor or a fabrication, like this entire thread.
So, i guess i should just drop the idea of tin foil then, but thats never a good look anyway, because i found that silverish doesnt really go with anything. Unless i could buy black tin foil of course. White makes people look fatter than they are...
so gold can stop mind control waves you think? Alrighty then, when you will you be wearing one? If your answer is that you are/do, that blows the whole theory then doesnt it?
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