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Lots of Reasons


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United States
03/29/2012 02:30 PM

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Lots of Reasons
IMHO: Trying to impress others, buy their way into certain social groups, mindlessly spending money, like crows attracted to shiny objects, or the thrill. Some just have to keep up with the Joneses, are compelled too.

Class and money are distinctly different, but some people think the more they make, the more they spend, the more needless trinkets they have, the higher social class they are (trying to up yeah on the totem pole). Look at my trinkets, I have more than you do, and/or simply they want to be like everyone else and not be left out. That I understand, just sad.

Basically, competition for higher standings and/or social acceptance, and/or insecurities about self-worth, so put that show sheen on, buy this/that and presto magic, you're SOMEBODY.
User ID: 13463145
03/29/2012 02:36 PM
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Re: Lots of Reasons