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Message Subject My Fellow GLPers... Just a Reminder to You, Today...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My dear, dear fellow GLPers,

I come to you, today, from my slightly uncomfortable chair in my small apartment room...

Offering up all my love to you! Sending you BIG hugs and sloppy kisses, and either a smile... or frown
depending on what your perspective of me is. ^_^

Just a reminder to Love each other today.

Yes, we are all doomed!

Yes, this world is ending... either by aliens, the illuminati, facebook, or our own collective suicidal hands.

But, does that give us a reason to worry? Does that make us so angry that we forget to love our fellow humans?

Look deeper, and find that place inside you where you are connected with everything!

Where you love yourself, and are loved by Yourself!

Where fear fades away, and you embrace ALL that IS!

Life and Death
Hope and Fear
Love and Hate
Angels and Demons
Intelligence and Jersey Shore

Embrace it All!

Send all of it LOVE!!!

Forget about separateness... EVERYTHING comes from the same place.
Not just new age mumbo jumbo, science is catching up to this, also.

So what if there's evil?
Send it love, and accept that you can't control everything.
Quit trying to control everything.

Love the fear, and send it away... because fear of the unknown produces hate,
control, jealousy, and all those other lovely emotions I've come to experience while
living here.

Accept your journey in life and work on yourself. Let others work on their own selves.

Yes, helping people is awesome... but not if it hurts you.
Get to know yourself, so YOU can decide what is healthy and unhealthy.
Learn to stand up for yourself.
Don't be afraid to say 'NO'!

Remember, everyone has their own journeys...
not up to us to tell them what to do, how to think... ect. (says the girl who's telling you how to think, hehe)

Actually, I'm just offering up a reminder, to whoever may relate.
If you can't relate, or have a different perspective than me.... I totally understand. ^_^
No use in name calling.
I still love you.

Also, don't forget to be grateful for all you have.
Remember to play
to laugh
to cry
to share
and to enjoy the little things.

Be silly... have a little fun :)
Embrace your serious side, but don't let it control you.
Balance is awesome!

Think for yourself and question EVERYTHING!!!

I love you guys!

And I hope everyone truly has a beautifully enchanting day!!!
 Quoting: CuriousSoul

Ima tryin' to do this! I swear it is harder when you have to try to keep a spouse and kids content as well, and suffering as little as possible in uncertain times. If it was just me, no problems... well, not too many problems...
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