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Message Subject VIDEO!! Selling Global Government To The Masses “Welcome to The Anthropocene”: Group of Scientists Advocate Global Government
Poster Handle Sgt. Stedanko
Post Content
You know, a global government REALLY isn't that bad of an idea. I used to be opposed to it, however if you listen to videos by Dr. Michio Kaku, you can learn about the types of civilizations (type 0,1,2,3). I believe that the reason a lot of people fear a global government is because of the New World Order fellows who have been pushing their dystopia. Sure, if the world is run by a bunch of bastards utilizing eugenics and mind control, then its an absolute insane idea, however, if the global government is one that the people have a say in, then it would be a lot better. Once the cabal/illuminati or whatever you call them are out of the way, we would be able to implement this without fear of being sterilized, or rounded up in FEMA camps.
 Quoting: Donivan
That's optimism right there.
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