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Message Subject Isnt There Enough Iodine N Seawater 2 Neutralize Radiation From Japan???
Poster Handle Eagle # 1
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T.C.H.C.R. ..... Be sure to stay AWAKE in physics class tomorrow and realize that 99% of the radiation that WILL KILL YOU is Strontium, Plutonium, Cesium and Uranium that last for 30 to THOUSANDS of YEARS before they dissipate !
Iodine 131 is like a stiff wind, compared to a hurricane, when discussing affects of radiation on human cells/LIFE !

MOST people in the USA/world have NO IDEA they are ALREADY suffering from radio active POISONING since last October/November as we PASSED the necessary 50 Rads/Rems of ABSORBED RADIATION via the .1 Rads of GAMMA radiation PER DAY, that fell out here and I MEASURED myself in CT, USA !

NO offense ! FEW know anything about radio active fallout and it's affects over months/years !

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