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Dental X-rays = BRAIN TUMORS

User ID: 14106484
United States
04/10/2012 03:35 PM
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Dental X-rays = BRAIN TUMORS
"People who get regular dental X-rays are more likely to suffer a common type of brain tumor, US researchers said on Tuesday, suggesting that yearly exams may not be best for most patients.

The study in the US journal Cancer showed people diagnosed with meningioma who reported having a yearly bitewing exam were 1.4 times to 1.9 times as likely as a healthy control group to have developed such tumors."

[link to www.rawstory.com]


User ID: 14116809
United States
04/10/2012 04:01 PM
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Re: Dental X-rays = BRAIN TUMORS
When I took my daughter in for dental work a few years ago, I asked the dental assistant to use a thyroid shield when x-raying her (didn't ask for her opinion about radiation but got it anyway). She then proceeds to tell me that my kids get more radiation from the sun playing outside for 30 minutes than by getting an x-ray. I told her I would take my chance with the sun's radiation over a man made machine. People ought to look into oil pulling for dental care and find a biological dentist close to them, imo.