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Subject Iīm going to eat Thanksgiving Turkey with my kettlebells.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Iīm going to eat Thanksgiving Turkey with my kettlebells.

My mother is going to spend the day at my sisterīs house and my sisterīs disgusting lesbian live in girlfriend.

I do not get along with my sister and do not speak with her.

I have 3 kettlebells


I am going to place the 3 kettlebells on the dinner table and eat Thanksgiving Dinner with my kettlebell family.

I have a 26 lb, a 36 lb. and a 53 lb. kettlebell.

Iīm thinking of making believe that the 36 lb. kettlebell is my wife.

I can make out the other two kettlebells to be other family members.

Do you guys think that the 53 lb. kettlebell should be my father or my mother ???


over and out
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