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Message Subject Iīm going to eat Thanksgiving Turkey with my kettlebells.
Poster Handle S3ven666
Post Content
RedDawn you have finally lost it, i always knew it was only a matter of time. LoL!!!

J/King man, why donīt you come back on to #newworldorder and #revere and say hi to your old pals?

revereradio.com is looking for radio show hosts if your interested, freedom radio, total freespeech, say whatever you want, plus you can prerecord your show, if you have īliveī show jitters. Get way to get involved and have your voice heard man! Pick your own bumper/break music, Itīs great fun, a great way to express your creativity and show your emotion! Fema(Al the Italian) has a show and i hope to have one soon 2!

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