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Message Subject Full scoop on the so-called "nobody"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Nobody knows several things that we all do.

One is that the mouths that speak " I am the Nobody " the loudest are in fact proclaiming they are not the Nobody, that's quite plain for all to see.

The Nobody will only be recognized by his attempts to remain present, but hidden in the crowd, perhaps dropping some subtle hints about himself.

He probably won't fall for the game of correcting descriptions of himself and his location in the attempt to get him to draw attention to himself.

He's probably not that ignorant about things.

Knowing ,or suspecting he might be the Nobody, he knows that if it were indeed true, he'd be an immediate target, and nothing would be so stupid as to reveal his location.

If he was indeed the Nobody as many here claim to be, the world would beat a path to his door in a fortnight.
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